Yeezy 3 Underwhelming And Extra Says They Wore Dyed Thrift Store Clothes Instead Of Collection Pieces

(SL) – There’s a classic saying that if you’re going to talk the talk  you better be able to walk the walk. And it doesn’t appear that the King of controversy was able to live up to the hype when he jumped off New York Fashion Week with the debut of his Yeezy 3 collection at Madison Square Garden.


It was supposed to be a fashion show/album release party for Kanye’s new album T.L.O. P, short for The Life Of Pablo.  But, not only was some of the music offensive, the clothes left people with deja vu. Audience members say the collection looked the same as last year and an anonymous extra says most of the models were black or of mixed race, dressed like slaves in ripped up thrift store clothes dyed to look like the Yeezy 3 collection. Clear instructions were given for the models to channel people from a Rwandan refugee camp and someone released Kanye’s list of rules. The extra says they were paid 100 dollars for 10 hours of work and fed Subway for lunch.311F995A00000578-3444837-image-a-36_1455313604602Next..the preview of Kanye’s new music which launched new controversy and spurred another 15 tweet rant from Yeezy after Taylor Swift denied she gave him her blessing to reference her in misogynistic bars.

In ‘Famous’ Kanye raps, “I made that b*tch famous,” and that they still might have sex. Kanye claims Taylor came up with the lyrics while Taylor accusing Yeezy of being liar and only contacting her to request she release the song on her twitter page, which she declined.


One group was clearly impressed though…The Kardashians. The whole clan was there to support Kanye, dancing to his new music and wearing his clothes.

Scene thief, of course, was baby North who despite being dressed in her father’s ridiculous designs, looked adorable as she dance to the music spinning in circles.


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