LaVine And Gordon Put On A Show In All-Star Dunk Contest

(SL) – All-Star Weekend continued Saturday night in Toronto with the 3-point contest and the highly anticipated NBA Dunk Contest. Zach LaVine from the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Orlando Magic’s Aaron Gordon gave the crowd what it was looking for in what some are dubbing as the best dunk contest of all time. dunk-contest_v5v71g72av3j1udd77cetg4n5As LaVine attempted to defend his title, Gordon was quick to let him know he was after it. Personally, I think it should’ve resulted in a time but after a few dunk-offs Zach LaVine would win it for the 2nd year in a row. But hats off the Aaron Gordon for coming with the creativity using Stuff the Magic Dragon as a prop. He jumped over Stuff, took the ball from a spinning Stuff and did one dunk that looked like he was sitting on top of Stuff.

aaron-gordonLaVine was spectacular as well launching several times from the free throw line . He knew Gordon was competition and I’m sure felt the title slipping through his fingers as the two went dunk for dunk throughout the whole competition. But in the end, LaVine was victorious and left fans waiting more. Good Stuff for sure!


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