Kanye West Reveals $53 Million Dollar Debt

(SL) – If I didn’t know any better, I would think that Kanye West was having a mental breakdown right in front of us. His latest twitter rants have shown several ranges of emotion from bully and claiming to own someone’s child, arrogance, attacking Taylor Swift for disagreeing with his misogynistic lyrics about her in ‘Famous’ to weakness and disappointment in a certain blog site not supporting his clothes…accusing them of going too far, to dancing in the streets to candidly saying that we have no idea what he’s been through and that most of all he’s 53 million dollars in debt.

I don’t understand the debt considering that they are preparing to move into a 20 million dollar mansion. Kim has been living at her Mom’s house since she and Kanye got married while the house is being worked on. To say there seems to be a chemical imbalance puts it mildly.  Meanwhile, his wife and mother of his 2 children appears to just be keeping up with appearances.


While Yeezy is ranting and raving she’s trying to promote his appearances, clothes and album.  It’s indubitable that something is not quite right in Kanye’s head or is this just who he is? Either way it’s disconcerting and I’m convinced Ye might need some medication or a break.

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