Craigslist Buy And Sell Ends With Teen Thief Getting His Arm Ripped Off

(SL) – This kid will surely think twice about trying to rob someone allegedly at gunpoint and for a pair of sneakers. His name is Zachery Sam and God clearly gave this kid another chance after he stole a pair of $490 Air Jordan 8 sneakers and was ran over. 17-year old Sam survived, but his right arm was ripped off at the elbow.


Surveillance video has been released and it shows Sam getting in the vehicle and moments later he gets out and attempts to flee.

The driver turns around and runs him over at full speed.

The robbery victim, 39-year old Phillippe Pierre is being charged with attempted murder.

At his court appearance, Pierre’s attorney told the judge he felt like Sam got what he deserved.

The teen is being charged with robbery and possession of a weapon.

According to reports, Sam left his arm and the gun at the scene and his sleeve is seen flapping loosely as his runs away. Doctors attempted to reattach his arm Friday night. He is listed in critical condition.


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