Wiz and Amber Hangout After Drama Filled Week With Kanye

(SL) – Nice way to celebrate after collectively dragging Kanye West so hard Kim called Amber for a truce. Not only has Kanye apologized, but the title of his album still has yet to be confirmed. All this after the idea of labeling it ‘Waves’ spurred one of the most epic twitter battles in history that ended with one hashtag #fingersinthe*****a**bit** .


Sometimes lessons are learned the hard way and I think Kanye may make a strong effort to keep Amber Rose’s name off of his lips and twitter fingers from this point on.  He has had much to say about the former stripper he introduced to the world even while being married to Kim Kardashian, but Muva drew the line when Kanye tried to drag her and Wiz’s son into his ‘I am bigger than God’ rant.


Yeezus was reduced to pleezjus don’t say anything else. Lesson of the week…be careful what you say about those who know you intimately. Now…what everyone really wants to know is will Wiz and Amber get back together?


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