New Orleans Plantations, Negroes And Flooding: Beyonce Gets To Her Roots In Formation

(SL) – Beyonce released her new video ‘Formation’ just in time for Super Bowl 50. Reviews are mixed but one thing is for sure, the Beyhive loves it!


A Parental Advisory warning accompanies the opening as Queen Bey, with the help of Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd, delivers some of her most graphic lyrics yet. Set in New Orleans, the video is pro black, if you will, with Bey even saying she likes her Negro with Jackson 5 nostrils.


Other bars credit a mix of Negro and Creole for the creation of the Texas Bama fans call Queen Bey or Yonce.  With New Orleans plantation houses, flooding and several outfit changes that include a white Victorian-era style dress, a gucci dress and workout wear that her dancers even sport, Bey delivers artistically and fashionably in her latest musical contribution which includes a few scenes borrowed from That Beat and some adorable footage of little beauty Blue Ivy.


If you haven’t seen the video..check it out below!


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