Trade Who? Jeff Teague Lights Up Dallas and Gives 32 Reasons Why He Should Stay In The ATL

(SL) – The Atlanta Hawks played like they had something to prove Monday night inside Philips Arena.  After not being able to finish in the win column the last couple of games, the Hawks seemed determined to change things around against the Dallas Mavericks. Kyle korver and Jeff Teague got things moving early setting the pace and attacking the basket early..

_MG_6085Jeff Teague was driving, shooting and dishing giving several reasons why Atlanta should take his name out of trade talks.  Teague had 32 pionts, 8 assists, was 5-6 from the 3-pt line,, 12- 15 from the floor and 3-3 from the FT line.  Teague had that look in his eyes but as usual kept a calm demeanor but his attack was ferocious. He was only 2 away from his career hight but Teague wasn’t concerned about that. Post Game he said he just wanted to win. I caught up with the point guard in the locker room where he commented on the Hawks play offensively and defensively as well as building on their win against the Mavericks.


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