Leonardo Dicaprio Reportedly Trying To Use French Laws To Block Pic Of Him And RiRi Kissing

(SL) – Coupled up or just friends? That’s what everyone is trying to figure out after longtime associates Leonardo Dicaprio and Bad Girl Rihanna were caught kissing

Sources say the pic looks like they’re kissing because of a bad angle. Take a look for yourself.

69f0a72c-a50b-4874-861a-b09172d4863bLeonardo DiCaprio was in Paris to promote his new film The Revenant, while Rihanna was filming her new film Valerian.

The two apparently met up in a Paris nightclub and rumors started running that they had a passionate make out session in the middle of the club.

Someone managed to take a pic of the two but, Leo says it’s not what it seems.

The actor in an effort to keep the pictures private is allegedly using the French privacy law to prevent the images from being published. A photo agency has offered the pictures, taken at L’Arc nightclub, to a number of publications in Britain, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr DiCaprio’s lawyer has sent out a warning, saying he objected to the images being published and that he had a right to privacy under French law.

Take a peek while you can :).

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