The Man Jamie Foxx Saved From Burning Truck Will Face DUI Charges

(SL) – When he’s released from the hospital,  Brett Kyle will face DUI charges but the 32-year old is happy to be alive.  His survival is due in part to Oscar winning Actor Jamie Foxx who heroically pulled the man from his burning truck. But the 48-year old said, “I not a hero. I just did what I needed to do.”



Foxx spoke publicly about rescuing Kyle from the vehicle after it crashed right outside his luxury home. As Jamie told reporters, he rushed to the aid of the driver who was trapped inside his pickup truck which was already on fire.

Ventura County firefighters and paramedics arrived on scene and the victim was found to have a broken collarbone and a punctured lung and remained in the hospital Tuesday night.


From his hospital bed, Kyle expressed his gratitude towards Foxx, who he says he didn’t recognize in the chaos. “They cut me out of the seat belt, Kyle said. I didn’t know who it was. Just the fact that one human being is willing to help another one means a lot to me.”


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