NO Ugly Sweater…Just Tradition

No Ugly Sweater Just Tradition: Indiana Boy becomes 5th family member to wear 61-year old garment. His father wore it in 1982, His grandfather wore it in 1958 and two of his great uncles also wore the sweater in the 50s.

Brady Gose, a 7-year-old Indiana boy, is now the fifth person in his family to wear a now 61-year-old sweater that the past two generations of boys in his family have all worn for their first grade school picture.

ht_sweater_1_kab_151007_4x3_992The grey sweater has made Brady a local celebrity in Brownsburg, his dad Chuck Gose told ABC News today.

“Just the other day, my son Brady told us he thinks he can be more famous than Tom Brady,” Chuck laughed. “He thinks it’s great and he knows the sweater is very special to our family.”

The sweater was first worn 61 years ago by Brady’s great-uncle in 1954, Chuck said. His dad — Brady’s grandfather — later wore it in 1958 and the youngest of the three brothers in that generation then wore it again


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