Are The Two Women Who Reportedly Robbed Knicks Star Part of A Larger Ring?

(SL) – When will they learn? Yet another athlete has been robbed by women he invited to his residence shortly after meeting them at a club.  Police released video of the two suspects they believe stole $750,000 worth of jewelry from New York Knicks Star Derrick Williams’ apartment.  But now authorities are wondering if the two women are part of a larger ring of women targeting wealthy men at clubs.

The alleged thieving temptresses were caught on a surveillance camera as they left New York City club Up & Down on December 19 at around 5am to head over to Williams’ bachelor pad in the city’s Tribeca neighborhood.
494be985-aa56-406b-b125-6fa32446a99dWilliams has refused to comment about the incident, but police say he went to check the box that afternoon and realized the jewelry was missing.

The-24-year old signed a two-year contract with the Knicks this past July which ESPN reported to be worth $10 million at the time.



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