Madonna Takes Legal Action To Force Son To Live With Her

(SL) – Singer Madonna is caught in the middle of a major legal battle over her 15-year old son.  The Queen of 80’s Pop appeared in a Manhattan courtroom to ask a judge to force her ex-husband Guy Ritchie to return their son Rocco  to the US.  There’s only one problem.  Rocco doesn’t want to live in New York with Madonna. The teenager wants to remain in London with his father and stepmother.

2F97106C00000578-3372220-image-m-32_1450892063862 The Material Girl told a Supreme Court Judge that her son had informed her of his plans to stay with his father and that he didn’t want to come back to New York City.  However, Madonna is doing everything in her power to make him to come back.  She asked Judge Deborah Kaplan to force filmmaker Guy Ritchie to send him back.

2F9738BF00000578-3372220-image-a-67_1450896732296.jpgRitchie’s attorney, Eric Buckley, told Judge Kaplan that Rocco has made it clear that he doesn’t want to return to the states. When asked by the Judge if Ritchie has prevented his some from returning, Buckley reportedly responded by saying, “Effectively, Yes.”

Judge Kaplan ruled that Rocco must return to the states and have a conversation with Madonna, if he wants to live in London with his father.  I personally, think it’s a waste of time and just prolonging the inevitable.  Clearly, Rocco is at that age where legally he can decide which parent he wants to reside with and most importantly he’s almost an adult!


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