Kristin Cavallari’s Brother Missing

(SL) – Sad news coming out of the Cavallari-Cutler camp as it’s being reported that Kristin’s brother Michael is missing.  His 2014 Honda Civic was found abandoned near a gas station in Monticello where he was last seen on surveillance camera.

Michael Cavallari

The footage is dated for November 27th and the 28-year old hasn’t been seen since.

Kristin, who is married to Chicago Bears’ QB Jay Cutler, recently gave birth to a baby girl, Saylor,

KSL reported that The Grand County Sheriff’s Office received a report on November 27 that a small passenger car could be seen about 100 feet from the Floy Wash Road, five miles from exit 175 on the freeway between Green River and Crescent Junction.

Grand County Sheriff Steven White said the car appeared to have hit a large rock on the side of the road.

The vehicle was found running and the airbag deployed. Cavallari’s laptop and cell phone were inside.

Michael Cavallari’s vehicle was found running with the airbag deployed.

‘We’re combing the area for anything we can find,’ White told KSL. ‘We’re deeming it suspicious, but there’s nothing to indicate anything one way or another. The vehicle was just abandoned.’

It is not clear why Mr Cavallari, who lives in San Clemente, California, was in the city 200 miles south of Salt Lake City.

The search comes just two weeks after Kristin and Jay welcomed their daughter Saylor.

Police used credit card receipts to identify the car as Michael Cavallari’s . It also led authorities back to the gas station in Monticello.



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