Nice Try! Media Uses Mathew Knowles’ Words To Fuel Beyonce Age Rumors

(SL) –  Beyonce’s father should probably start using a disclaimer when he references his superstar daughter in Interviews. First, the father and former manager of one of the world’s biggest stars tried to imply that Beyonce and Jay Z made up divorce rumors for publicity.  022750F50000044D-0-image-a-90_1445389441061Very possible, but no surprise.  Now, the father of four is being accused of fueling Beyonce age conspiracy theories.

Well, guess what?

We already knew that more than likely Beyonce was a little bit older than reports claim.  It’s a Hollywood thing. And Mr. Knowles probably encouraged his daughter to lie about her age when he helped groom the group Destiny’s Child.

In this business, the younger you are the better. Why do you think a 13-year old model has a better chance at hitting the runway than a 25 -year old.  The business considers you old at that point.

It’s called marketing. Something Mr. Knowles knows all about.

The Daily Mail Reports, Beyonce‘s father Mathew Knowles  declared she was the ‘exact same age’ as someone two years older.

Mathew, who used to manage Beyonce and her former band Destiny’s Child, described his daughter – whose birth date is listed as September 1981 – as being the same age as fellow pop star Pink, who was born in September 1979.

The 63-year-old also referred to his 34-year-old daughter as being the same age as R&B singer Usher, who was born in October 1978.

Back in 2008, actress Gabrielle Union, who turns 43 next week, said she knew Beyonce when they ‘were teenagers’ – despite a nine year gap between the women.

The two women co-starred alongside each other in the 2008 film Cadillac Records.

She said at the time: ‘Beyonce and I have been friends since we were teenagers. We go to the same hairstylist now and you know how those bonds are! B is such a polite, nurturing person and a joy to work with. It’s easy to work with her because she is a good friend of mine.’


Former Good Morning America host Bianna Golodryga, 37, also confirmed several years ago she went to high school with Beyonce in their native Texas, which some critics took as supposed ‘evidence’ Beyonce was older.

Despite the bad press, Mathew insists his relationship with the Multi-Grammy winner is intact. Saying he recently spent the day with Beyonce and Blue Ivy and plans on seeing them again real soon.

Watch his full interview with the Breakfast Club below:


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