Kid Sensation: 7-Year Old Entrepreneur Blows Steve Harvey Away With His Mushroom Farm

(SL) – I don’t know about you, but when I was 7-years old I was running through country fields and playing with barbie dolls. kid 4The closest platform I had for a career choice was dance class, cheerleading and Girl Scouts.

However, I didn’t quite turn those extra curricular activities into business ventures like this kid sensation.

Meet Te’Lario. The 7-year old entrepreneur who recently gave Steve Harvey a run for hiskid 9 money and business when he made an appearance on Steve’s Act Like A Success segment, the JR. Edition.

Te’Lario is a mushroom farmer who has turned his basement and spare room into an in-house farm space.

Yes, at 7-years old he has mastered growing shiitake and oyster mushrooms.

As the baby genius explains, his interest was piqued after growing cat grass and basil in his Cub Scout troop.

From there, he wanted to cultivate something else and when his parents asked him what could he sustain during the winter mkid 5onths, he said mushrooms.

Why? Because they can sprout in the dark, of course.

And…they’re full of Vitamin D! Did you know that?

lol What an amazing and beautiful little boy and when he gives Steve his business plan….priceless!  Hey, kid! I love mushrooms too!

Watch the creator/owner of Tiger Mushroom Farms  explain to Steve how his business blossomed from one single mushroom growing kit!


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