The Falcons Look Fast And Furious In Season Opener

Rookie RB Tevin Coleman rushed for 80 yards in his official NFL debut.

(ATLANTA, Ga) — It was a physical one at the Dome between the 1st place NFC Division Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles as the NFL jumped off the 2015 -2016 season!

Falcons new head coach, Dan Quinn put it best, post game for the press when he basically broke down the process of ‘gettin’ after it’ (one of his catchphrases) and how it all came down to executing and well….getting after it!
Under the proud eyes of Owner, Arthur Blank, Quinn talked about timely defense and WR Julio Jones, who, along with franchise quarterback Matt Ryan came alive again under Kyle Shanahan’s new offense.
As reported by ESPN, Jones gave everyone their money’s worth, including team owner Arthur Blank. The two-time Pro Bowl receiver was everything the Atlanta Falcons hoped he would be in the season-opening victory against the Eagles. Jones was on another level Monday night, dominating the field and displaying his game-changing ability.

Julio Jones makes another tough catch. He had 2-touchdowns.

Post game, coach Quinn said, “It’s just that he doesn’t back down,” when asked what he appreciates about Jones. “Any challenge there, he’s ready to go. It’s one of the things that I most respect about his game. He’s one of those kinds of competitors that is ready for it every time. He’s the guy that wants it thrown to him and wants to take the last shot. I can’t say enough about him as a competitor.”

Jones ran great routes and made tough catches look routines, moving around to different receiver spots in offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s scheme. It’s a match made in gridiron heaven.
The star Wide receiver has plenty of incentive too. Julio was has a contract extension through 2020 that includes $47 million guaranteed. He’s worth it! Jones recorded his 20th career 100-yard receiving game in the Falcons’ 26-24 win against the Eagles. He finished with nine receptions for 141 yards and two touchdowns.

Sports Wire Photographer Jay Pearson captures the action
Sports Wire Photographer Jay Pearson captures the action

The Falcons were fast and physical, setting the tone early and a nice pace to victory proving Quinn’s new and improved defense is a style of play That might help cement A long overdue trip to the Super Bowl! Offensively, Matt Ryan was a little rusty, but when you have Julio Jones you can most certainly balance it out which is exactly what the Falcons did to beat the Eagles. Ryan said Julio shows how great of a player he is every time he hits the field.
Byron Maxwell couldn’t keep up with Julio and Jones should be a matchup nightmare throughout the season. The Falcons are on the road next week for another good one against the New York Giants!


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