Judge Joe Brown Back In The Slammer

(TMZ) – Judge Joe Brown‘s jail sentence is less punishment and more super awesome vacation — total privacy, fancy amenities, and he even gets full control of the television.

Law enforcement in Shelby County, TN tell us Judge Joe will be kept away from the general population in a protective

Judge Joe Brown Begins Sentence For Contempt

custody pod for his own safety. The kicker is he’s the only inmate in protective custody — so as king of the castle he can watch all the Judge Judy he wants!

His meals aren’t exactly 5-star, but by jail standards it’s pretty fine dining:

Breakfast Dry cereal, scrambled eggs, cajun potatoes, coffee cake, coffee

Lunch — PB&J sandwich, cookies, fruit drink

Dinner crispy chicken patty w/ gravy, parsley noodles, carrots, garden salad, fresh baked roll,     pudding, and sweet tea

As we previously reported, Judge Joe’s serving 5 days for contempt … but he won’t have any ‘Oz’ issues — solo showers only in protective custody.


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